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Dr. Kathy Overbeke also advises many individuals and companies that are not family-owned.


Services include:​

Leadership Development &
Executive Coaching

Dr. Kathy Overbeke has coached executives of more than 50 organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. She helps leaders improve management skills, communication abilities and interpersonal relationships, the foundations for leading others and managing conflict.  


She has achieved Hay Group accreditation and is certified in administering and interpreting the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) developed by Dr. Richard Boyatzis. This is one of the most validated measures of “soft skills”—factors that are now widely recognized as being critical to effective leadership. The ESCI helps in identifying people’s strengths and gaps, which enables effective coaching to improve individual and team performance.


Other specific areas of focus include:

  • Career development

  • Diversity training

Team building

Today’s knowledge economy and emphasis on innovation requires group processes.  No one person can know everything and creativity flourishes when different knowledge sets come together.  Exploiting the knowledge among team members, however, is often problematic.  GPS helps teams


  • Set goals

  • Manage progress

  • Communicate

  • Problem solve

  • Manage change

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